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The success of Nice Visions in the Slovak Challenge Fund will enable the export of Slovak know-how and innovative solutions to another region. An adventure park in Moldova will receive a prototype of a next-generation rooftop photovoltaic power plant that stands out in terms of both technology and design.

The roof has the potential to save up to 30% of the cost of providing rooftop photovoltaics compared to the most common solutions leading to an even more attractive return on investment. This extraordinary benefit lies in the integration of the PV elements into the roofing and the associated savings in construction and installation materials.

The winner of the Slovak National Design Award, Nice Visions, which is developing the solution, already offers another innovative solution in the field of BIPV (Building-integrated Photovoltaics) with its Solar Tiles.

The project to replace the original roof at the adventure complex in Moldova will be implemented with a new roofing system integrating photovoltaic modules into the roofing. This will bring not only aesthetic and performance qualities to the complex, but also all the features that are required of a building roof. The economic and structural advantage is the result of combining these features instead of using separate roof elements and an additional PV component.

By maximizing the energy gains achieved, this will be a highly efficient solution for building retrofitting. Replacing the original, in this case shingle roof, with a photovoltaic solution from Nice Visions, will cover a significant part of the energy needs of the site in question.

“The current demand for solar energy is fuelled not only by rising energy prices, but mainly by the growing environmental consciousness of the population. With this comes the search for products and solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable. Therefore, we believe that thanks to the cooperation with UNDP, our innovative solution, which is suitable for a significant proportion of buildings, will quickly find clients and supporters,” comments architect Igor Žáček, founder of Nice Visions, on receiving the grant.

Work on the project started with the signing of the contract in April 2023; the first kilowatts will be delivered by the new solar roof within 12 months at the latest.