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Slovak private sector entities are eligible to apply, interested applicants can submit their proposals by 8 September 2023.

It is a unique opportunity for Slovak private sector entities to have their innovative idea tested or implemented abroad. SCF is in search of innovative solutions that could boost development and economy in 4 target countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Moldova, or Serbia. All supported solutions must contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. 

“In just few years since its launch, Slovak Challenge Fund has already succeeded, for example, in testing how remote monitoring of patients can improve health especially of those at risk, or how fungi as living organisms can be used to clean up the soil. Slovakia has a lot to offer developing countries. We believe the number of applications received this year will prove that”, says Viktória Mlynarčíková, Project Manager of the Slovak Challenge Fund at UNDP.   

Applicants can submit proposals addressing natural resources and nature-based solutions, energy transition, innovations in agriculture, implementation or improvement of e-governance, and resilience of societies within the context of current crises. 

The awarded prize provided by the SCF ranges from USD 20,000 up to USD 40,000. It represents maximum 80 % of total project budget. The project must be implemented in partnership with local partner(s) to ensure that the solution is adaptable and viable in local conditions. 

How to submit

Deadline for applications is 8 September 2023, the form is available here.

SCF is financed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and implemented by UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub.