The aim of the project was to install and test the solar roof system as combination of photovoltaic modules and solar roofing material into one aesthetically pleasing and seamless layer on the Moldovan flagship touristic complex Goat town close to Chisinau (the Pohrebea village is approx. 40 km from Chisinau). The custom-made photovoltaic roof was integrated into the original shingle roofing. It consists of 40 panels forming a highly aesthetic unit. 

The installation serves as a demonstration project of a low-carbon, energy-efficient and cost-effective solution, which aims to increase the energy independence of the tourism sector, as well as reduce emissions from energy production.

The project caught attention of the Slovak news site You can read the article in Slovak here.

Nice Visions
5 May 2023

Slovak company Nice Visions will build a unique photovoltaic roof in Moldova

The success of Nice Visions in the Slovak Challenge Fund will enable the export of Slovak know-how and innovative solutions to another region. An adventure park in Moldova will receive…