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Ten Moldovan tourism service providers and farmers have increased their digital presence. An online cookbook and an interactive map further promote the region of North Moldova. 

Agro-tourism and local gastronomy in Northern Moldova are more visible and accessible to the public thanks to a Slovak-funded project. Launched in April 2023, a Slovak company PRO4CE, in cooperation with the Moldovan local partner North Regional Development Agency (ADR Nord) embarked on a journey to equip regional businesses with the necessary digital skills to thrive in today’s market landscape on various digital platforms. 

“Bringing high-quality local organic products to the clients will be used as a tool for the development of the tourism sector in the given region. This approach supports the regional producers. It is ecological, and supports local economy and regional, sustainable development,” said Erik Heidema from Pro4CE at the beginning of the project. A year-long efforts towards digitalization and market accessibility have borne fruit.  

Project results 

Several stakeholders now boast an enhanced digital presence. Ten Moldovan tourism service providers and farmers have been trained to work with digital platforms, create packages based on market segments, and improve visuals. In this way, they amplify their market reach. Some of them were also added to the website. 

In addition to supporting the creation or improvement of social media communication channels for the mentioned ten partners, the project also created: 

  1. To promote regional rural tourism in northern Moldova, a digital interactive map was created, which shows local food producers, service providers and accommodation in agritourism, tourist routes, etc. It will also be displayed on the North Regional Development Agency’s website.
  2. A digital Cookbook with regional specialties, which was distributed to tourism service providers as a communication tool. The book is intended for domestic as well as foreign tourists, that’s why they were in two language versions, English and Romanian. 

Despite the fact that the project was implemented only in North Macedonia, it can be easily replicated and expanded to other Moldovan regions, thanks to the fact that NRDA members were trained in the use of digital tools and platforms for marketing and sales purposes. A network of partner tourism organizations was also built for future cooperation to support rural tourism in northern Moldova. 

About the support 

Slovak Challenge Fund searches for solutions of Slovak companies to address specific development goals. It is financed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and implemented by UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. Pro4CE receive financial support for the project “Digital development of organic agro-tourism in North Moldova” in the amount of USD 37,150.